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samantha. 14. i just love louis and harry (◕‿◕✿)


hi he loves listening to his boyfriEND BYE


there are some things u remember forever. first kisses. the birth of a child. waking up to find out 1d released a song off their fourth album for free

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up all night
take me home
midnight memories

so did the condom break and they had four kids?

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Im sorry but if you don’t find Luke Hemmings attractive I just dont think we can be friends

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au meme: Michael and you are best friends. He loves you. Not just like a best friend. Like more. And you don’t know about that.

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Lets all just give a round of applause for Harry Irwin who one day will be getting all the girls with his inherited Ashton good looks

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neighbor michael has lived in the house next to you for your whole life and you can always hear him and his band practicing at 2 AM and you call him to tell him to keep it down and he’s like “let me express myself” and some nights when you’re both feeling a little lonely neighbor michael climbs up to your balcony at random times and sneaks into your room to hang out with you and watch movies and maybe make out a little

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AU: Luke is asked about his girlfriend which makes him think about the crush he had on you since a long time ago; the teasing of his band mates towards you two back then and now.


AU: (request) You call your best friend to tell him ecstatically that the guy you’ve been crushing on asked you to prom. He’s trying to be upbeat about it, but he’s been in love with you forever and is really bummed when he gets off the phone.

"fuck" I whispered to myself as got off the phone. I was so stupid for saying I’m in love with her; it’s not like she’s gonna run to my arms, kiss me and say she’s in love with me as well. That’s not happening, though it’s what I want the most. I can’t face losing her. But- how do you lose someone you never had?


au meme (requested but I forgot the url): Your brother Ashton Irwin is finally back from home, although your excited to see your older brother, you a bit more excited to see his band member, Luke Hemmings. You and Luke have had a thing going on for a while now but don’t want Ashton to find out because he would never approve of the two of you.

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